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Exceptional Stay and Above Ground Celebrations

65 Keys Siliguri, India Hotel - The resort city's new venue for celebrations is located close to the Mahananda River. The hotel will be targeting primarily marrying couples, business travelers, and tourists by offering memorable stay, stunning and unique venues, and a scenic views of the Himalayas Mountain Range.

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Dark Mode Gaming and Surfing

Geekbiz Internet and Gaming Cafe - In 2018, The client started his first business in Sta. Maria Bulacan. Wishing to be more attractive to gamers, the design team studied the interior design of existing competitors. Getting away from the usual coffee shop ambiance, the interior design of the new business was futuristic and darker to lure gamers and users alike - giving a greater sense of privacy and eliminating visual distractions. The gaming café became a hangout place to most customers and beat its competitors. His first business generated good revenue and a second branch opened in 2019 at Novaliches, Quezon City.

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Place to Hussle and Nestle

Commercial Corner - A client family visions another commercial business center at one of their lands in Bulacan Province. The corner lot they selected holds great potential for businesses. Local entrepreneurs expressed their interests in the location but also wishes the new development to be a cozy place where people would stay and hangout. 

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