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What changes do you want to happen in your life, business, organization, or your community? What is your goal, your vision? We are very excited to hear your story. Talk to us so we can guide you with your vision and goals. Please, click the quick action bar at the bottom-right of your mobile screen or submit your contact information and inquiries. You may also browse our predetermined services or create your own combination of services that suits your needs. If you wish to see some of the visions we mapped, please click the button right down here.

Your Map from Vision to Reality

Architecture Design Process

Getting the project designed and built is a process. Before we dive into our list of services, let us introduce to you our industry's standard design process. This has been used for so long now and is proven effective to deliver quality in projects, clarity, and order to clients and everyone involved. Contrary to common belief, designing is not just about perspectives. Design is decision making; from the size and orientation of the building, selection of materials and engineering systems, method of construction, to the design and quality of finishes to be used, and so on. Each phase has a purpose, level of expectation, and decisions to make.  And you, our clients and partners, play a crucial part in this decision-making process.

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Starting Your


Design for Your Project






Design Phase

Your Vision


Design-Build Service


Development Phase




Bidding and



Construction Team

Project Design Stages

For most projects, we recommend starting the project with Pre-design Studies. This helps you to know how ready you are and prepares your project for take-off to design phases (Concept to Construction Phase).

Organizing Data

Starting Your


Services you need before designing your project


Design for Your Project

Services you need when designing your project.

Reinforcing Steel

Design-Build Service

Regular Design Services + Construction

(for up to 2-story Residential and Commercial Projects)

Support Services

Services below are offered to help clients determine and find the expertise needed for their projects, support colleagues by providing skills and manpower, and support community growth by offering free design services.

Construction Site

Engineering and Other Expertise

Services you need apart from the expertise provided by the architect


Modern Office

Outsourcing Services

For architects or companies needing manpower or skills

(In collaboration with ARCALLY Group)


Pro Bono


For churches, foundations, and non-profit organizations, we offer pro bono design services and consultancy.